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Since 2005 i moved from NY to down here and went to The International Academy of Design and Technology Tampa, not knowing that I would've fallen in love with Graphic Design. Since i started this journey, I found myself designing in other ways, other than just on a computer. I fell in love with cosplaying, to the point in which I started making my own cosplay pieces and props, which led into sewing. Graphic design has helped push me into owning my own Vinyl Plotter and 3D printer, in which both required programs that I needed to learn in order to use well. I tested out my skills by working in a shop, then starting my own business working from home making 3D printed parts, car decals, cosplay props, and all while still learning how to use other programs in order to keep myself stimulated and up to date. I worked in a club as a DJ/graphic designer/technician which helped keep my skills sharp, but I eventually left because the river wanted to remain stagnant.

Logo & Identity
Print & Illustration
Social Media Design
Custom Site
Android App
3D & Text Animation
Video Editing
Social Media Management
Facebook Ads Management
Google Ads Management
Email Marketing
Available Location:
Coffee Shop
Client Office/Home
Designer Office/Home
Skype, Zoom or Google Meet

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