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Hey friend!

My name is Kristina and I'm a graphic designer currently based in Birmingham, AL.

I'm originally from Lithuania and I spent my teenage years in Norway. Then I finished my BA in Graphic Design at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Now I'm ready to design the world with you.

I believe that visual identity and human-centered design are imperative for any business, organization - or even movement - to grow. This is why I am dedicating my skills and expertise to help your brand's value be communicated to your audience, whether that be through a welcoming website, a memorable logo, a powerful brand, or a unique social media feed.

Ideas are what unite us, and those ideas are communicated visually. The reason I chose to become a graphic designer is because I love how a mark, an idea contained in a visual element, can connect people. And I would be honored and excited to be the one who connects your idea to the world.

Message me if you have any questions or if you'd just like to say hi!

Kristina Balciunaite

Logo & Identity
Print & Illustration
Social Media Design
Custom Site
Android App
3D & Text Animation
Video Editing
Social Media Management
Facebook Ads Management
Google Ads Management
Email Marketing
Available Location:
Coffee Shop
Client Office/Home
Designer Office/Home
Skype, Zoom or Google Meet

3 open listings

Wix/Editor X Design with Kristina
$ 69
Per hour
Logo Design & Branding with Kristina
$ 69
Per hour
Squarespace Design with Kristina
$ 69
Per hour
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Kristina did a great job creating a custom accordion dropdown for a client's Squarespace site for us. Did a little more than the basic accordion with an animated underline. We did it in 2 hours. Very friendly. Great design session! Suggest having content ready to go for her to save time.

Apogee U about listing Squarespace Design with Kristina 8 months ago.
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