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Wait! Before you create a designer session listing...

  • Please review our posting guidelines on our Designer FAQs page (see here). We do not approve listings that do not meet our guidelines. It is also important that you understand how our service works and how we expect you to work with our customers.

  • Please upload a picture of yourself for your profile image. Do not use logos as profile image. Do not use a company name or username as Display Name. We no longer permit this because customers want to book with a person.

  • Please enter your Payment Details in Settings as customers cannot book if we cannot pay you. We use Stripe Connect, which is the same payment system Lyft uses as well as other major companies. We do not see, receive or keep your bank information. It is all secured through Stripe.

  • Create a listing for each design category. Do not cram all design samples/types into one listing. Our customers search specifically for the type of design they need. Therefore, it is important that you create multiple listings for each type of design you can do with relevant samples of your work uploaded into that listing.

  • Listing price MUST be $69. Your payout is $48 per one-hour session. Our number one priority is the customer experience and maximizing customer bookings for all designers approved on our marketplace. Therefore, we need all pricing to be congruent across the entire marketplace.

  • Upload your best work as we do not approve every design listing. We do not mean to offend any designer, but here is where we get editorial. We only accept designers and design listings with designs we feel are competitive in the marketing world today. We are currently only accepting designers in the United States.