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Customer FAQs

Pay for sessions.
Not for projects.

How much will it cost me? How does this work?

Design sessions start at $69 per one-hour session. Most designs can be done in a one-hour session, such as a logo or print design. The more complex, the more time it would take a designer. You can book an hour to start and book more time as needed. A website design may take a 3 to 4-hour sessions (or longer depending on your needs). On the designer's listing, you'll see the "Recommended Session Length to Book" for that specific design session with that specific designer. Here's the quick breakdown on how you can use

  • Browse or search by design category and/or location based on your design needs.
  • When you find a designer / design session listing you like, you can book a design session from the listing and select a time convenient for you. On your designer's listing, you'll see the "Advance Notice Needed for Booking Time" to know how far ahead your designer needs the booking time to be. When you click "Book Now", you will be prompted to create an account first. Once you create your account, you'll be able to continue the booking process. Your card is only authorized at first when you book. It is not charged until the designer accepts your booking.
  • That designer will receive a notification and will either accept your booking immediately or send you a message first to get certain details such as your time zone (if it's a virtual design session). Once the designer accepts, your card is charged, but the money will not be released to designer until your design session is marked as complete by you (or automatically 5 days after the booking date if you forget).
  • The designer will message you to get preliminary details about what you need as well as details about the design session - i.e. session location or video call info (Google Meet, Skype or Zoom). You can also message the designer and include any necessary attachments for the designer to have prior to your design session together.
  • At session time, you will meet with the designer and the designer will design with you ON-THE-SPOT. You MUST stay on during the session to direct your designer. This will ensure your complete satisfaction. We do not offer design packages. We do not offer revisions. All designing takes place during a design session. If you're unhappy with the design session, simply decline to receive the files and hit "Dispute" in the transaction in your account and we will refund your money in full. If it is a design session that is longer than one hour, you must stop the session within the first hour if you are unhappy, in order to receive a refund. This is very rare as most of our customers love their experience!
  • Once you mark the session as complete, the designer will send you all the files via a file-sharing service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer or HighTail. 
  • As you need more done, you can book more design sessions with the same designer and as well as other designers in other design categories you may need help in. We also have Social Media Managers, Digital Ads Managers and Email Marketing Managers available to do ON-THE-SPOT sessions with.

Where will my designer meet me? Can the design session be online? What is the booking process like?

When you search, we will always list the available design sessions/designers closest to you. You can find a design session listing and designer you like by searching based on keywords and location or browsing using available filters, including price and location type (in-person or online). You can book a session by clicking "Book Now" on the listing itself. In the booking process, you'll be able to select a date and time that works best for you and the designer. Please book at least 24-hour in advance. In the booking process, you'll be able to send a message to your designer - specify where you would like to do the session in this message. We do not recommend meeting with a designer in your home unless you and the designer are comfortable with it. We are not liable for anything that may happen to, during and from a session. Once your designer accepts the booking, you'll be able to message your designer within your booking and send them files they may need prior to the design session. Your payment is processed when your designer accepts the booking. However, your payment will not be released to the designer until you mark the session complete in your account. So be sure to mark your booking as complete after you are finished with your design session. If no action is taken, your booking will automatically be marked as complete 5 days from booking date and the payment will be released to the designer. 

I cannot stay for the entire design session. What can I do?

It's important that you stay during the entire session for at least the first one or two design sessions with a designer. Once you are familiar with your designer, then you can stay for just the first part of the design session and check back in towards the end of the session. If you do not stay for the entire session, the 100% Money-Back Guarantee is voided and there are no revisions. If you need revisions, you will have to book another design session. The key thing about our service is that you are able to direct and guide your selected designer in real-time so that you're able to get exactly what you want without any time wasted or anything getting lost in translation.

What are the conditions of your 100% Money-Back Guarantee?

Your happiness is important to us. That's why we have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee! If you are unhappy with your design session, simple decline to receive the final files and "Dispute" the booking to get a refund. If you booked a session longer than one hour, we ask that you end the session within the first hour if you are unhappy with your session or we will only refund the first hour. There are a few exceptions. You may not receive a refund if you have already received files from your designer. You may not receive a refund if your design session mostly involved "set up" work, such as technical work in setting up a website, application or otherwise. You may not receive a refund if you made changes to your designer's work from a prior session and, therefore, made it difficult for your designer to achieve satisfactory results in the current design session. Because your happiness as a customer is so important to us, we have strict standards with our designers. If a designer receives excessive refund disputes, we will remove their listing and ban them from 

How do you control the quality of the design sessions?

Every design session listing has to be approved by our team in order to show up to our customers. We vet every designer that signs up on and wants to post a design session listing. We also monitor all communications between our designers and customers on in order to ensure a quality experience for both. Between this, our 100% Money-Back Guarantee and our excessive refund disputes policy with designers, you can be certain that your money is well-spent here with

Can I work with a designer outside of

All bookings and communications with our designers must take place through your account at This is to ensure a secure and quality experience for you and our designers. Our designers are not permitted to work with customers outside of their account on Any bookings and communications with our designers outside of and your session will void our 100% Money-Back Guarantee. We also reserve the right to ban both the designer and the customer from using our service should this take place. 

Do you offering printing services with design?

We do offer high-quality printing on a request-only basis. Must be ordered separately. Our printing costs are highly competitive. Ask your designer to request a printing quote for you. We are able to print the following:

  • Business cards
  • Marketing material & stationery
  • Signs & Banners
  • Home Decor
  • Gifts & Promo Items

Can I cancel or reschedule my session?

Yes, you may cancel or reschedule your design session with 24-hour notice prior to the session time. Simple send a message to your designer. 

Can I leave a design session early?

Of course you can! However, you will not get your money back for spending less time. Your designer may be willing to add time to your future design sessions. There are many times when a customer is comfortable enough with a designer to let them finish up the rest of the session without them present. Or, in the case of a multi-hour session, a customer may start the session to give the initial guidance and instruction, leave and then check back in later on progress. Please be certain that you are comfortable with the quality of work that your designer provides. In cases where you leave your session early, we will not be able to honor our 100% Money-Back Guarantee.  

What files will I receive from my designer?

Our designers are required to provide any and all files you will need in order to use your design and to make changes to your designs at a future date. That means they must also provide the source files (including all font files used) to you. You may be required to purchase or download specific applications in order to receive certain source files. Designers will give you download access to these files using any large file download services that they have an account with - Google Drive, Dropbox or WeTransfer are among our recommendations to our designers to use. You have full rights and copyright to everything your designer creates with and for you during your design session as soon as you mark the session as complete. Our company and the designer reserve the right showcase the work created during your session as part of our portfolios on our web properties and in our promotions.

What if I need more time than what was originally booked?

Before continuing with the session, please go onto and purchase another session from the same listing of your designer. If possible, we recommend simply ending the session and book another session for another time to continue, as your designer may have another session to get to. In some cases, your designer may agree to continue the session with your promise to purchase another session immediately after to cover the extra time. It is up to your designer.

Do you offer any services other than designing and printing? Do you offer marketing services? Is there a money-back guarantee?

We do offer sessions with local marketers. When you've got all of your designs done, you can find and book a session with a marketer near you to plan and set up social media, Facebook ads, Google ads and email marketing campaigns for the coming months. Simply search or browse! There is no money-back guarantee for marketing sessions. This is because the work mostly involves technical set up and consulting. We suggest messaging a marketer you would like to book a session with first to ask initial questions. Please refrain from asking to call them or message them outside of your account with Such actions may result in being banned from using our website. This is to ensure a quality experience for both yourself and our service providers. 

How can I manage my account, conversations with designers and see my order history?

You can manage everything related to your account by clicking on your profile picture and selecting "Settings" to view all available administrative functions. You may also view your messages from customers by clicking "Inbox" or edit your profile by clicking on "Profile" after you click on your profile picture. On mobile, all options are available by clicking on the menu icon.

I received an unwanted non-business related message. What can I do?

Your comfort and safety is the most important to us. Please message our team here or by sending an email to and we will look into the conversation and take appropriate action. Unwanted non-business related questions to another designer or customer will lead to being banned from

How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account by clicking on your profile picture, then "Settings" and select "Account" tab - there you will find the "Permanently delete my account" button at the bottom of the page.

How can I contact the support team?

For fastest response, please use online chat by clicking on the chat bubble on the bottom right of the site. Be sure to follow our account by going here and selecting "Follow" on our profile page. You can message us through our profile also, or email us at

Updated: 6/28/2020