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Designer FAQs

Do Sessions.
Not Projects.

Important Posting Guidelines

  • Step 1 - Create Your Profile: Only use the "Display Name" field for a nickname and NOT a company name even though it says you can. Use a picture of yourself for your profile image, not a company logo. In your description, share about yourself, your experience and expertise. Be sure to select all the categories that you have expertise in as well as what type of session locations you are available for. We highly suggest being available for both in person locally as well as virtual through Skype, Google Meet or Zoom. 
  • Step 2 - Enter Your Payment Info: You must enter your bank information within your Settings (by clicking on your profile icon or menu icon on mobile) in order for customers to book with you and for you to receive payment. Your bank information is safe and secured through Stripe, used by reputable companies such as Google, Kickstarter, Shopify, GitHub, Lyft, DoorDash, Postmates, Yelp and many others (see does not see, receive or keep your bank information. All payments are processed through Stripe. We do not use PayPal for security reasons.
  • Step 3 - Post a Session Listing: Click on "Share Your Talent" to post a session listing. Select the session type (category) you want to be available for. IMPORTANT: Don't cram all your work into one listing. Create a separate listing for each design category you have great samples to showcase and do sessions for. Your listing will not be approved if there are no samples or the samples do not showcase quality design. Please only showcase your best work.
  • Step 4 - Listing Title & Description: Be sure the listing title includes what you are designing and your name such as "Logo Design with John" or "Social Media Design with Jane". This helps to differentiate your session listing from others. Keep it simple. The description of your listing should be your experience with this design category, what you'll do in the session, how you'll do the session and where you're willing to do the session. DO NOT leave the description blank.
  • Step 5 - Set Your Listing Price: Please set listing price to $69. This is so your payout will be $48 per one-hour session you do. Our payment system will automatically deduct 30% from every booking to cover processing fees, operations, marketing and business development. We reserve the right to reject your listing if you price higher than $69 for customer acquisition reasons. We strongly advise you do not put session listing above the standard $69 listing price across our marketplace.
  • Step 6 - Set Your Location: You can put your city, office, nearby coffee shop or by clicking on geo-locator icon - this shows the customer where you are locally. This is important for when customers do location searches. Do this even if you only do virtual design sessions through Skype, Google Meet or Zoom. You can give specific details after the client books and you accept the booking.
  • Step 7 - Additional Info - Set Your "Location Type": Select what type of session locations you're available to do a session in - coffee shop, client's office/home, your office/home or online through Google Meet, Skype or Zoom. We suggest every designer be available for online session at least. We suggest being as widely available as possible. Your customers will be both local and in other time zones across the country. 
  • Step 8 - Additional Info - Set your "Recommended Session Length to Book": We recommend every designer select the "1-Hour" recommended length since most customers will need design that can be done within one hour (some will need only tweaks to current designs they already have). However, if a design you work on (for this specific design category your listing is in) may take longer, then also select other options that may apply to this listing so that customers are aware it could take a longer session to complete the work they are looking to do. Select ALL options that apply to this specific design listing only.
  • Step 9 - Additional Info - Set your "Advance Notice Needed for Booking Time": Some of you may be able to take a last minute booking (4-Hour Notice) and some of you may need a more advance notice. Select what applies to you so customers know how far ahead to book a design session with you. Obviously, the sooner you can be available, the more bookings you'll likely get.
  • Step 10 - Upload Images of Your Work: Be sure to upload images of your best work or screenshots of your work (ie websites, social media grid, etc.). Make sure these files are large enough it's not blurry, but not too large. Customers will book based on what you present here and your description. So, make it look good. We reserve the right to modify or reject them. 
  • Step 11 - Set Your Session Availability: Set the days and hours you are available for the customer to book for your listing. We suggest being as available as possible to get more customers. You will be able to edit availability should it change for each listing you post. 
  • Step 12 - Submit for Approval: Click "Post Listing" to submit your listing for approval. Session listing will not be approved if the above steps are not appropriately completed. This is because the moment we approve, your listing will be available for customers to browse. 
  • Step 13 - Editing Your Listing & Changing Your Availability: You may edit your listing by going onto your listing from your profile once you're logged in. Once you are on your actual listing page, you will be able to see the edit options available, including editing your availability for that listing. You must change your availability for each listing you have up separately.
  • Step 14 - Post Another Listing in Another Category: If you can do more in other available session categories, be sure to create a listing in each of them. This is how customers search for what they need. They will be very specific. So repeat Step 3-11 and post another session listing in a different category with your work for that respective category. 

*UPLOAD YOUR BEST WORK: We reserve the right to modify or reject your profile and listings to fit community display and design standards in order to achieve a consistent and high-quality customer experience.

*IMPORTANT: We are currently only accepting designers and marketers within the United States, US Territories and Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I get paid as a designer? How does this work as a designer?

You will get $48 per one-hour design session you do (based on our standard $69 session listing). Here's the quick breakdown on how it works as a designer on

  • You create a profile with your info. Add your bank account info so customers can book with you and you can get paid. Please DO NOT create a listing until you set up your bank info. Then, you click "Share Your Talent" and create design session listings in each design category you have expertise with enticing work samples - following our guidelines above (subject to approval). 
  • Customers visiting our site finds your listing and message you about their needs or book a session with you immediately. If a customer messages you before booking, be sure to always ask the customer to book a design session with you through your listing once you have answered any preliminary questions.
  • You receive a notification and log back into your account to hit "Accept" on the booking in your Inbox and message with the customer to get details on what they need and to coordinate your ON-THE-SPOT design session with them, whether that is in person or virtually through online video chat with screen share. IMPORTANT: (a) If the booking time does not work for you, DO NOT reject the booking until you message the customer and work out a different time. If the customer agrees to a different time in the message, you can go ahead and accept the booking. The messages will serve as documentation that you agreed on a different time. No need to make the customer book again. (b) If the design work will take more time than what is booked, ask the customer to book more time on your listing page. If they agree, then accept the booking and also accept the new booking the customer makes for the added time needed.
  • You keep all communications on and confirm design session details with customer - i.e. session location or video call information (Skype, Zoom or Google Meet) as well as THE TIME ZONE of the customer, which is what the session is based on. Also, get details about what the customer wants to create. DO NOT learn with the customer during the session. If there is anything you need figure out how to do it, do it before the session so that you are only executive the design/development work during the session. Fumbling around during the design session to figure out what to do will only lead to the customer requesting a refund.
  • You DO NOT design outside of the session or without the customer. The customer MUST stay on with you during the entire session. This prevents dissatisfaction, back and forth messaging and revisions. Do not offer design packages. Do not offer revisions. Do not continue a design session without a customer there with you, guiding and directing you through the design session. Everything is about on-the-spot design sessions.
  • Once the session is complete, make sure the customer marks the session as Complete on their end before sending them the final files.
  • Send all the files to customer via file-sharing services such as DropBox, Google Drive, WeTransfer or HighTail. 
  • Provide feedback about the session on your end for customer.

Be sure to white list (keep out of spam) all emails from so you do not miss any notifications or messages from customers or the customer support team. Fast communication and quick responses are key to success. Also, be sure to post listings in more categories if you have expertise in other area with work samples. 

How much can I expect to make?

Your payout will be at $48 per one-hour session based on an $69 listing. We do not allow any session listing below or higher than $69 per hour on our platform. Our payment system will automatically deduct 30% from every booking to cover processing fees, operations, marketing and business development. Also, if you use promo codes to discount for certain customers, your payout will be lower. We reserve the right to reject your session listing if you price it above $69 for customer acquisition reasons. We strongly advise that you do not set session listing price higher than the standard $69 across our marketplace.

Am I a W-2 employee or a 1099 independent contractor?

You are a 1099-K independent contractor when you use our platform. With, you are able to set your own availability and work how you want and when you want. We have a minimum design session pricing restriction, a maximum pricing guideline as well as standard refund policy to create a consistent customer experience. But, for the most part, you are in control of how you do business. For each tax season, you will receive a 1099-K if you meet the following criteria with

  • You are based in the United States
  • You made more than $20,000 within the calendar year
  • You had more than 200 transactions within the calendar year

When will I receive money for a session I completed with a customer? What is your payment schedule?

From the moment the customer marks your session as complete, it takes about 5 business days for money to appear in your bank account. If no action is taken by customer, the booking is automatically marked as complete 5 days from original booking date. Stripe has a 2-day rolling basis plus a 3-day fund transit time to your bank. This is not in our control and it is Stripe's policy to minimize fraud. If you experience delays, please feel free to reach out to us through our website chat on bottom right or emailing

*Canadian or international bank accounts require a 7-day rolling basis (meaning funds will be sent to bank account 7 days after daily bundling).

Do you promote your designers or marketers?

Yes! Each week, an update email is sent to all users of new listings. So if you are a new designer or marketer, customers will know you just post a listing. In our local marketing campaigns, we also feature local designers and marketers on with specific expertise. This means we may feature the work you feature in your listing as well as your profile picture and description in our marketing campaigns to send business your way. We also recommend designers to customers who make inquiries based on the customer's needs. Be sure to always upload your best work into your listing and create a listing in every category of the design that you have work samples for.

My listing was rejected. What can I do?

Your listing was rejected because it did not follow our posting guidelines (see above). We do curate our listings to ensure that customers who visit our marketplace will only receive quality and competitive design service in the design sessions they book. Once a listing is rejected, you have 24 hours to make any modifications and re-submit before the listing is deleted. You can always create a new listing following our guidelines and submit again. Listings are usually rejected the following main reasons:

  • You have not entered your Payment Details in your Settings so you can receive payment for the sessions (customers also cannot book with you so we will not approve your listing)
  • Your listing price is higher than $69
  • The work samples you uploaded do not match the design category or is not quality or commercially competitive
  • Your listing description or profile details do not show that you understand how our service works or how to work with our customers
  • Your profile doesn't not have a picture of yourself as your profile image

How do promo codes work and how do I set them up?

Once you set up your free account, you can set up Promo Codes within your profile. Currently, you must set a time frame for when the promo code is active so that customers can use them. You can always change/update this time frame if you want to extend or re-use a promo code you previously created. IMPORTANT: If you don't want any customer to be able to browse available promo codes and use them, then you MUST select "Hidden" - this way, the promo code you created will be active, but will not show to every customer (only the customers you give the code to). If your customer uses a promo code you generated, this will lower your payout for that session based on the amount discounted. Our payment system will deduct 30% of the pre-discounted amount for the booking.

A customer does not want to stay with me for the entire design session or does not have time to stay for the entire session. What can I do?

It's important that a customer stays during the entire session for at least the first one or two design sessions with a designer. Once a customer is familiar with their designer, then a customer can stay during the first part of the design session and check back in towards the end of the session. If a customer does not stay for the entire session, the 100% Money-Back Guarantee is voided and there are no revisions. If a customer needs revisions, the customer will have to book another design session. The key thing about our service is that a customer is able to direct and guide their selected designer in real-time so that they are able to get exactly what they want without any time wasted or anything getting lost in translation.

What is your refund policy and how does it affect me?

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Therefore, we expect all designers on to provide great service and quality design sessions to our customers. If a customer is not happy with the design session, they may decline to receive the files and "Dispute" the booking to get a refund. If their dispute/refund is approved, you will not receive payment for the design session. Generally, because a customer is directing the design session, we see very few refund disputes. Disputes and refunds usually occur when a designer does not have the skills (both technical and people skills) to create with the customer in real-time. A customer may not receive a refund if the customer has already received files from a designer. A customer may not receive a refund if the design session mostly involved "set up" work, such as technical work in setting up a website, application or otherwise. A customer may not receive a refund if a customer made changes to a designer's work from a prior session and, therefore, made it difficult for their designer to achieve satisfactory results in the current design session. If we receive excessive refund requests with a designer, we reserve the right to remove the designer's session listing or ban the designer from This is to ensure we only provide the best experience for our customers for the benefit of all designers on

What is your session cancellation or rescheduling policy?

A customer may cancel or reschedule the design session with 24-hour notice prior to the session time. They will send you a message should they need to cancel or reschedule. From time to time, a customer may wish to cancel or reschedule past the 24-notice requirement. It may be beneficial to allow them to if they are a previous customer or if you feel it is a customer who will do business with us when it is more convenient for them.

Can I work with a customer outside of Is there a non-compete agreement?

If you engaged with the customer through, you may not work with the customer outside of All bookings and communications must happen within This is for the security of both our designers and customers as well as allow us to control the quality of their experience. All communications are monitored by our team. Should a client reach out to you personally, please redirect them to communicate through their account at Refrain from giving your personal contact information other than information necessary to do online video design sessions. We are not liable for any activities or communications that take place outside of We also prohibit our designers from working with a customer they engaged through within the first six months of the designer and/or the customer deleting their account at If a designer book with an customer outside of while they still have an account at, the designer and customer will be banned from This is because our team works very hard and we expend great resources to acquire customers for By posting a design session listing on, you automatically agree to these terms. Thank you for your understanding.

How do I change availability or edit my listings?

Simply click on your listing on your own profile page. When you are logged in, you will see the ability to edit your listing and availability for that listing. You must change your availability separately for each listing that you have up.

What happens when a customer books a session with me?

A customer's credit card is not charged until you accept the booking. If you do not accept the booking within 3 days, the booking will be automatically cancelled. We suggest accepting immediately. Be sure to always keep up with your account with us and your communications with customers on Excessive customer complaints regarding communication may result in being banned from using Monies will not be released to you until the customer marks the session/booking as complete. So be sure to remind your customer to mark it as complete after your session. If no action is taken, the booking will automatically be marked as complete 5 days after original booking date and monies will then be released to you.

How do I coordinate my in-person or virtual design session with a customer?

After a customer books and you accept the session, you'll be able to message with the customer within that transaction. Message the customer and get all the details you need for the design session, including where the session will be. BE SURE TO CONFIRM THE TIME ZONE OF YOUR SCHEDULED SESSION TIME AS CUSTOMER WILL BE BOOKING BASED ON THEIR TIME ZONE, NOT YOURS. If it is a virtual session (online video chat with screen share), you'll want to get their preferential platform - Skype, Zoom or Google Meet - and get their username and email in order to send them a calendar invite and video chat link for the design session. You'll also want to send them a calendar invite via email for in-person design sessions. You should only do actual design work during the session. You can, however, gather everything you might need from the customer beforehand. After you complete the design session, make sure that the customer marks the session as complete on their side prior to sending them the final files for the design. In the case of web design sessions, a customer can only request a refund if they end the session within the first hour. 

IMPORTANT: Please keep all communications on our platform for documentation. However, there are exceptions for sending calendar invites for session and preliminary or final file-sharing. 

What am I expected to provide to customers after each design session?

You are required to provide any and all files customers will need in order to use your design and to make changes to your designs at a future date. That means you must also provide the source files (including all font files used) to customers. If you use a mobile application to design that does not provide source files outside of the application, you may require your customers to download and purchase such app so you can share the source file with them. We suggest using industry standard applications unless a customer agrees otherwise so that there are no surprises at the end. You may give customers download access to all files using any large file download services that you have an account with - Google Drive, Dropbox or WeTransfer are our recommendations. For this, you will need to ask for their email address. Customers have full rights and copyright of everything you create with them during the session.

What if a customer needs more time than what was originally booked?

Before continuing with the session, ask the client to go onto and purchase another session from the same listing. If possible, we recommend simply ending the session and book another session for another time to continue if the customer agrees. If you choose to continue with a promise from the customer to book and pay after, you do so at your own risk. If you do this, we recommend following up with the customer to ensure follow through. The only time we get involved between you and a customer regarding a design session is if the customer is requesting a refund. 

Do you offering printing services with design for customers? Do I get a commission?

We do offer high-quality printing on a request-only basis. Must be ordered separately. You'll get a 10% commission for all print orders you procure as a designer - paid out on a monthly basis. Our printing costs are highly competitive. Ask your designer to request a printing quote for you. We are able to print the following:

  • Business cards
  • Marketing material & stationery
  • Signs & Banners
  • Home Decor
  • Gifts & Promo Items

How can I manage my account, availability and see my past transactions?

You can manage everything related to your account by clicking on your profile picture and selecting "Settings" to view all available administrative functions. You may also view your messages from customers by clicking "Inbox" or edit your profile by clicking on "Profile" after you click on your profile picture. On mobile, all options are available by clicking on the menu icon.

I received an unwanted non-business related message. What can I do?

Your comfort and safety is the most important to us. Please message our team here or by sending an email to and we will look into the conversation and take appropriate action. Unwanted non-business related questions to another designer or customer will lead to being banned from

How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account by clicking on your profile picture, then "Settings" and select "Account" tab - there you will find the "Permanently delete my account" button at the bottom of the page.

How can I contact the support team?

For fastest response, please use online chat by clicking on the chat bubble on the bottom right of the site. Be sure to follow our account by going here and selecting "Follow" on our profile page. You can message us through our profile also, or email us at

Updated: 6/28/2020